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Saylor Company works for Fortune 100 companies, governments, public and private organizations, and high-profile individuals.

We pride ourselves on discretion and are committed to protecting the integrity of our clients, not getting attention for ourselves. We do not disclose the names of our clients but offer the following case studies as examples of our team�s abilities and expertise:

  • When a lawsuit alleged human rights violations by a foreign government�s leaders, Saylor Company turned a potential catastrophe into a public relations benefit. Working closely with the government�s lawyers and lobbyists, we proposed new programs that won praise from human rights advocates and were held up as model programs for the region. Our work resulted in international media coverage of the country that focused on its positive achievements and highlighted the government�s leadership in tackling a difficult human rights issue.

  • A high-profile consumer brand faced a media tsunami after Internet bloggers began attacking some of the company�s core business practices. Our team developed a comprehensive plan to help the fast-growing company weather a two-month media onslaught that included reports by the top three network news organizations, major newspapers and dozens of other outlets. Our strategic advice not only defused the attacks, but resulted in balanced, positive coverage while protecting the company�s bottom line.

  • A publicly-held company was attacked by market manipulators fueled by false and misleading internet reports resulting in serious financial and reputational damage. Saylor worked with the firm to expose those behind the attacks, resulting in simultaneous investigative reports in the New York Times and 60 Minutes, and a reduction in manipulative trading in the company�s shares.