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Strategic Counsel/Reputation Management - Saylor Company principals serve as trusted advisors, offering clients strategic and tactical counsel on sensitive matters.

Crisis Management - Our experience handling numerous crisis situations over many years has enabled our clients to overcome daunting media firestorms and put in place the proper plans to head off future crises.

Global Litigation Support - We work closely with top law firms in the US and internationally, supplementing their legal efforts to ensure that clients achieve success not just inside the courtroom but also in the court of public opinion.

International Affairs -Saylor Company senior staff is uniquely experienced in international issues, serving as strategic advisors to top policymakers in Washington as well as senior international leaders across the globe, including the Middle East, the former Soviet bloc and Asia.

Public Affairs - With offices in Washington and Los Angeles, Saylor Company is well-positioned to assist lobbyists and lawyers in supporting their legislative and diplomatic agendas and translating political strategies into public relations gains.

Corporate Communications - We work with top executives on high-visibility or market-moving events such as management changes, product recalls and new market entry, drawing upon our experience with Fortune 100 companies worldwide.

Media Relations - By drawing on decades of experience working in newsrooms and in the field and building strong relationships with journalists at local, national and international levels, we help our clients understand and navigate the rapidly evolving media environment.

Media and Investor Perception Analysis - Saylor Company conducts in-depth, independent research that helps our clients better understand how they are perceived by the investment community and the media, particularly the financial press. Using this information, we create strategies aimed at strengthening our client's image and reputation.

Post-Crisis Rebranding - The crisis doesn't stop once the media stops calling. Whether it's a product recall or financial restatement, Saylor Company works with its clients to map out a post-crisis plan that identifies the key short and long-term challenges and image-building measures.

Training and Capacity Building - Saylor Company organizes training programs designed to improve and refine communications skills, enhancing our clients' ability to achieve their public relations goals and prepare for media appearances across all platforms.

Event Production and Speechwriting - Our senior team has produced events for up to 10,000 participants and has written hundreds of speeches for senior political and business leaders.